Tile Installation

Looking for a precision tile installer? We provide expert installation for every kind of tile − marble, travertine, ceramic, porcelain, glass tiles and more. We can produce designs and patterns that range from simple to complex.

For many years we have provided installation services for upscale multi-million dollar residential properties in the elite Florida Keys market, where complete perfection is a must. We have now expanded into the N.E. Central Florida area.

Wison Stoneworks has developed a well-earned reputation for getting it right... the first time. This is how we do it:


Before we begin any work, we do a complete laser elevation check to identify high and low areas and then do appropriate grinding or float work to level the area. We use high-quality laser instruments to create a layout, ensuring the straightest, squarest, most truly dimensional finish possible.


We go the "extra mile" on prep, because it is such an crucial part of the installation process. Using only the finest quality crack isolation membranes, underlayments, and waterproofing membranes available, we select the best material for your specific application.


All stone and tile installations are completed "old world" style using a full-mortar bedset method. This mean that all stones are "back buttered" (a method of filling and bonding each stone) for maxium bonding mortor contact. We set all stones in the best available multi-purpose thinset mortars, mixed with perlite and additives to produce the strongest bond bed mortar available.

On all installations we use straight edges (up to 16 feet) to produce the flattest, most plumb installation possible. For polished marble, we use 1/32" grout joints. For square edge marble (travertine, saturnia, limestone), we use 1/16" joints.


We offer either cementatious or stainless epoxy grout. All stones are sealed using only the very best solvent-based stone impregnators for best stain resistance. All stone floors are buffed (using a high-speed burnisher) to maximize the beauty of your stone.