Q: Where can I find how-to information about caring for my stone?

A: Please refer to our Stone and Tile Care Guide. It provides a wealth of information pertaining to caring for your stone. You can download and/or print the Guide at your convenience.

Q: How can I bring back the luster to my marble countertop?

A: Many natural stone countertops are affected by soap-based cleaners, creating a dull film. With marble, it is very important to use only PH neutral cleaners. With consistent use of stone-safe cleaners, soap or other residual build-up should eventually go away.

Q: Our polished travertine kitchen floor is dulling after a fruit juice spill. How can I remove the dull marks?

A: Fruit juice, like lemons, wine, vinegar and some cleaners contain acidic materials that can etch travertine, leaving a dullish, white mark. Try an etch remover polishing compound, but if that fails, we are experts in etch removal.