Sealing and protecting

Does your stone need to be sealed?

Sealing your natural stone offers protection to your investment from staining caused by water and oil-based spills. However, some stone, like marble, is so dense, a sealer may not be necessary or prudent. Other stones, like granite, are more porous and do require sealing and resealing to prevent straining. We will be happy to help you determine whether your particular stone needs sealing or resealing.

Experience Matters

Proper and professional techniques are critical when it comes to sealing. Natural stone needs to be thoroughly clean or dirt may become trapped beneath the sealer. Also, some cleaners have been known to create a haze on the stone after it is sealed. Moreover, excess sealer must be removed from the surface immediately; it is very difficult to remove once it dries.

Enhancing Sealers

Enhancing sealers work well on some natural stones, especially travertine and slate. It helps bring out the color of the stone, making the stone almost appear as if it’s wet. The best part is that your natural stone will keep that rich and bold appearance after it dries.

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