Gainesville Florida Terrazzo Restoration

  • Terrazzo Under Carpet
    Floridians who remove carpet often discover terrazzo flooring underneath.
  • Carpet Glue on Terrazzo
    In this BEFORE image, you can see carpet glue on the terrazzo.
  • Carpet Tacks in Terrazzo
    Carpet tacks caused damage to this terrazzo, as you can see in this BEFORE image.
  • Terrazzo Damage
    In this BEFORE image, it’s obvious that there used to be a wall here.
  • Terrazzo Repair
    Here Scott is removing the heads from stubborn carpet tacks.
  • Terrazzo Hole Repair
    Terrazzo hole repair requires the use of aggregates.
  • Terrazzo Hole Repair
    Color tinted epoxy is poured over the aggregates to fill in the holes.
  • Terrazzo Grinding
    Terrazzo grinding was necessary to level some uneven spots where leftover adhesives from the walls were.
  • Terrazzo Restoration
    Here the slurry is removed to get a better view of the floor.
  • Terrazzo Refinishing
    This photo was taken after grinding a portion of the floor (on the left side of the image) to show the progress.
  • Terrazzo Honing and Polishing
    Terrazzo honing and polishing is a multistep process.
  • Terrazzo Floor Restoration
    Here is the terrazzo floor AFTER refinishing.
  • Terrazzo Floor Restoration
    Notice the reflection of the surface of the terrazzo AFTER restoration.

Terrazzo Under Carpet

Homeowners in Gainesville, Florida decided to do some renovation. They removed two walls to create an open area and removed some old carpeting, as well. When they pulled the carpet back, they discovered a terrazzo floor underneath. The terrazzo was unsightly, though, because it was covered in carpet strips and glue, carpet tacks, and had a buildup of coatings near the walls, including the walls that had been removed. We provided a free consultation and estimate for terrazzo restoration, and they scheduled services.

Terrazzo Restoration

Before starting the work, we taped and masked the walls for protection. The first step in the restoration process was to grind the terrazzo deep enough to get below the shading form where the walls used to be and to remove the coating buildup. Then, we removed any carpet tacks that were easy to remove. We simply removed the heads of the deeply embedded tacks in order to prevent further damage to the terrazzo. Next, we filled the holes with aggregates and color-tinted epoxy. Once the filler set, we honed the entire floor to remove any other surface damage and reveal a layer of like-new terrazzo underneath. To achieve a beautiful, reflective polished finish, we used a combination of polishing compounds. Our final step was to seal the floor, burnishing the sealer into the terrazzo with an extremely fine grit diamond pad mounted on our floor machine.

The homeowners were stunned at the difference professional terrazzo restoration made for the appearance of the floors. They were very happy to hear that the results we achieved would last a long time, and the waxing and stripping would not be necessary to maintain the shine.

To learn more, visit our Terrazzo Services page.

Is your terrazzo unsightly? We can help! We service residential and commercial properties in the Gainesville, Ocala, and Crystal River (352-528-3444) areas, as well as the Florida Keys (305-923-9683). Contact us for a FREE estimate or to schedule terrazzo restoration services.


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