True Italian Travertine Rejuvenated

  • Travertine Floor Refinishing
    Notice how this travertine finish lacked clarity.
  • Travertine Floor Restoration
    Now, this entryway has a beautiful, reflective finish.
  • Travertine Kitchen Floor Restored
    Notice the dull, dirty appearance of this travertine kitchen floor. Spilled acidic substances left etch marks on the finish.
  • Travertine Kitchen Floor Rejuvenated
    After our travertine restoration services, this kitchen floor looks like new again.
  • Travertine Floor Cleaning
    Here’s another shot of the kitchen floor from a different angle. Notice how the reflection of the light coming in from window reveals the damage to the surface of the stone.
  • Travertine Cleaning and Sealing
    This image was taken after we refinished the floor. The finish now has a mirror-like quality.
  • Professional Travertine Cleaning
    Deeply embedded dirt and grime gave this travertine a lifeless appearance.
  • Professional Travertine Restoration
    Professional travertine restoration services can make a dramatic difference, as you can see for yourself.
  • Travertine Entrance Restored
    This travertine entry way had seen a lot of foot traffic. Thousands of light scratches gave the travertine a cloudy appearance.
  • Travertine Refinishing
    Our honing and polishing process restored the elegance to this travertine entrance.
  • Travertine Floor Polishing
    Here’s the entry from another angle. You can see the damage from dirt and grit tracked in from outside on the surface of the travertine.

Unsightly Travertine

When the owners of a residential property and horse farm in Ocala, Florida first had their True Italian Travertine tiles installed, the floors were beautiful and elegant. However, they later discovered that some of the tiles had been unevenly set and weren't quite level with the adjacent tiles. They became increasingly dissatisfied with the appearance of their travertine as traffic and use took a toll on the finish. In time, the reflective quality of the polish faded and there were places where the floor had become scratched and etched.

Our Travertine Restoration Process

First, we ground the floor to level the uneven tiles. (In the stone and tile industry, this is called lippage removal.) To remove the etching, scratches, and damage, we honed the travertine. Then, we polished the floor to restore a glossy, gorgeous shine and applied an impregnating sealer to inhibit staining. The homeowners were very pleased with the results.

To learn more, visit our Travertine Services page or watch this Natural Stone and Terrazzo Restoration video.

Is your travertine unsightly? We can help! Wilson Stoneworks services residential and commercial properties in the Gainesville, Ocala, and Crystal River areas (352-528-3444), as well as the Florida Keys (305-923-9683). Contact us for a FREE estimate or to schedule travertine restoration services.


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