Coating Removed, Marble Restored

  • Flaking Marble Coating
    Here is a piece of the marble coating that flaked off.
  • Marble Floor Restoration
    All of these images were taken AFTER our restoration process.
  • Marble Floor Restoration
    The clarity of the stone is revealed with a natural polish.
  • Marble Floor Restoration
    Notice the trees in the reflection in the marble finish.
  • restoring-marble-floors
    Here is the dining area. The floor has a glass-like finish.
  • Marble Floor Restoration
    Here is the main living area.
  • Marble Floor Restoration
    Here is the main living area with the photo taken from another angle.

Unsightly Coating on New Marble

In most cases, a marble floor gets its shine from a naturally polished finish, but every now and then, a topical coating is applied to marble floor tiles to achieve a temporary shine. A tile and stone installer in the Ocala, Florida area contacted us because a brand new floor that had been installed only six weeks earlier already looked unsightly. The stone was a Turkish marble called Karya Royale marble. A coating had been factory applied at the quarry.

Natural stone on floors needs to breathe, that is, moisture that is absorbed by the stone needs to be able to escape. Coatings also act like a dirt magnet and can easily become scuffed, peel, and get scratched. The stone itself can crack, flake, and spall. In addition, there were alkaline etch marks from the installation process. We bid on the project, but another restoration company was given the job. After two days of work, they were unable to produce the desired result.

The installer contacted us again and scheduled services with Wilson Stoneworks.

Topical Coating on Marble Removed

First, we ground the marble floor surface. Our marble grinding process eliminated the need for stripping. It mechanically removed all coatings and flattened and leveled out the unevenly set tiles (aka lippage). We then honed and polished to achieve a palace-like, pristine marble finish. Our final step was to apply a high-quality impregnating sealer and burnish it into the stone using our floor machine and a very high grit diamond pad.

The installer and his client, the homeowner, were very pleased with the outcome. Read the homeowner's review!

To learn more, visit our Grinding, Honing, and Polishing Services and our Sealing and Protecting Services pages.

Does your marble have an unsightly coating? Is it dull, dirty, or etched? We can help! We service residential and commercial properties in the Gainesville, Ocala, and Crystal River (352-528-3444) areas, as well as the Florida Keys (305-923-9683). Contact us or give us a call 352-528-3444 for a FREE estimate or to schedule marble grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing services.


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